Your dreams matter

Dream big !

You might have dreams that are way bigger than you, so big that you might think that you’re not able to reach them .

I’m such a dreamer , I have so many big dreams that I would like to achieve one day . However a part of me feels like my dreams may never come true or that I’m not good enough to reach them , but I refuse to allow fear, anxiety and self doubt to stop me from reaching for my dreams .

And you shouldn’t either , dont allow self doubt to stop you from reaching from your dreams !!

At times it may be a lack of support that hinders us from reaching for our dreams . Often family and friends don’t take us or our dreams seriously and so it is very easy to doubt ourselves or our dreams .

Chase after your dreams without a care who thinks what of you

If you can dream it you can do it !

I believe that God wouldn’t give us a vision / dream if we weren’t able to reach it .

So what’s stopping you?

Be you for yourself

Being yourself is easier said than done . We live in a world that constantly pushes us to be anything but ourselves. We are constantly pushed to fit in and be like everyone else when we were born to stand out and be unique.

We are all unique in many beautiful ways and we should embrace that !

Growing up ( well I’m still growing lol ) I found it very difficult to accept myself , as I am different in many ways that many people wouldn’t understand. And so I really wanted to change myself so I could be more acceptable to everyone. I tried to be a little more quite , tried not to be so loud so many things about my self that I tried to change.

This all lead me to being depressed and unsure of myself .

Until I realised that we are all unique, we are all different and that we were born to stand out and be different!


You were created the way you are for a reason. God made no mistake when He made you ( including your flaws ) He knew what He was doing.

And so don’t let anyone change you , because they aren’t comfortable with you being yourself

Be yourself and shine 💛